soundtrack for the dog days


    In the middle of these dog days of summer, several tunes have found their way to me and are worth passing along. Let’s start off with a little blues: Eric Bibb singing “Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirits Down.”

    Thanks to my friends at eMusic (if you decide to sign up, tell them I sent you and we both get free tunes), I learned about Kina Grannis. This song is called “Valentine” and is a great summer song.

    I have known of Christine Kane for awhile, thanks to a friend here in Durham, but didn’t now this song: “She Don’t Like Roses.”

    Josh Ritter has always lifted my spirit with this song, which is actually about winter moving into spring, but what the heck; here is “Snow is Gone.”

    Sara Watkins is perhaps best known for having been a part of Nickel Creek. I am loving the stuff she is doing on her own. This is “Where Will You Be.”

    For many years, David Rawlings has played guitar behind Gillian Welch. Now, as the David Rawlings Machine, they have switched places. This is “Ruby.”

    Feel free to find a cool spot and sing along.


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