I’ve lived in Marshfield for a little over five years. The town is a small beach community that rambles up and down the coast for about seven or eight miles, it’s two lane roads winding between forests, marshes, and cranberry bogs, which means there is no particular design or logic to the way the streets are laid out — and there are very few street signs, as is the custom in New England. From time to time, I turn down a street I don’t know just to see where it takes me and then drive around until I come to something familiar.

Since I don’t have any burning issues to speak about today, I thought would take the same kind of journey in Blogland, starting at Skewed View and using her blog roll as a signpost to see what sort of new places I could find. Here’s who I found:

Soul & Culture — “pondering my role in a bigger story” is the caption for this blog written from Denver. I liked the cow.

Texas Trifles — written by Cowtown Pattie, who is doing great stuff. Scroll down to her post from August 6 on the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Waiter Rant — Since I spend my days in a restaurant kitchen, I can relate to this guy.

Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds — is an incisive and pointed blog written by a “witty and often abused country club employee” in Florida.

Crummy Church Signs — my favorite find of the day, is a collection of just what it says. The website has all of the signs archived by category.

Enjoy the journey.



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