schnauzer nap


    One of the best parts of my day is coming home to Lola and Gracie, our two miniature Schnauzers. In the midst of all that is going on, I offer a poem on the lighter side because it’s where I needed to go today.

    taking a nap with my schnauzers

    tuesday afternoon
    my day off
    we have finished
    our lunch and retired
    to the sectional sofa
    some people are at work
    others are out walking
    both people and dogs
    but we are not concerned
    we’re going to sleep

    my dogs rest more
    easily than I
    they don’t weather
    any guilt for the birds
    who won’t be chased
    the passers-by
    who won’t be scolded
    the toilet paper
    that will go unshredded
    while they slumber

    Gracie lies with her head
    tucked in behind mine
    she whispers her secrets
    then stretches out
    on her back
    all four feet
    flying in the air
    as though the couch
    were a magic carpet or
    a slow moving raft

    Lola climbs on top
    of the back cushion
    a little night watchman
    taking her station
    not wanting to miss a thing
    when I have settled
    she will move down
    next to me
    spine against thigh
    and snore

    once I’ve dozed off
    they wake each other
    and watch to see
    if my leg twitches
    or my arm jerks
    and turn to each
    other and say
    “people dream,”
    then they slowly
    close their eyes



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