riding a metaphor


    I was heading to church tonight for the “Affluenza” class when I hit a big rock or piece of curb stone or something along the edge of the road in the town center. I felt it. My right front tire sort of skipped.

    I kept going.

    About a half a mile from the church, I started to hear a flapping kind of noise coming from the right side of the car and I knew my tire was going flat. Since I was on a dark two lane road with no real place to stop without putting myself in danger of getting hit by another car, I slowed down and drove on to the thc church. After the class, which was full of good things, I came out to change the tire. Since was the first flat we’ve had on the Wrangler, it took me a bit to find the jack and other tools; then I found that the axle was lower than the jack was tall and I called AAA. Of course, what I found out next was our AAA membership had expired, I renewed it over the phone and then gave the operator the specifics of my problem.

    Forty-five minutes later, a giant tow truck pulled in the Parish House parking lot with two guys in it. The driver got out, filled out the paper work, and then changed the tire — all in about ten minutes. The other guy never moved from where he was sitting on the passenger side — even when the driver turned his motor off and the truck’s inside lights went out.

    I put the flat on the back of the Wrangler and drove home an hour and a half later than I had intended. I drove down the same stretch of road I traveled last night about the same time after finding out the owner didn’t seem to be willing to think about my proposal for the Bakery.

    I rode home on a metaphor: something unexpected took the air out of my tire; I did what I could and called for help, which came; and I drove home, a bit wounded by still able to travel. It’s not the most profound comparison anyone ever drew, but it spoke to me. I deeply appreciate the words of encouragement several of you wrote in response to yesterday’s post. You, like the tow truck driver, are keeping me on the road.



    1. Man, If I had only known…we would have had to bring the car down the street so that you weren’t waiting alone for 45 minutes. Well, I would have at least brought you some coffee. : )
      My son hit a BIG rock on the side of the road about a month ago and blew both of Daves tires. Blessing in disguise…Dave was driving Ryan’s car and when he was coming to an intersection (that same night) the brakes went…COMPLETELY!!! If Ryan had been in that car…with teenage friends, there’s no telling what could have happened. Thank God. I’m glad you’re ok too. I hope you have a better day today. Peace.

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