Several experiences and conversations this week have set me to thinking about the words I both say and hear. My thoughts turned to poetry. Here is my attempt to describe some of what I am feeling.


    the air in the room is thick with left
    behind words from long ago
    words from last week
    words we just said that took
    on lives of their own as they left
    our lips and our control

    words we picked up off pages
    things we repeat because – who knows?
    words that ricochet off our shoulders
    that haunt us like ghosts
    that taunt us like children
    that flaunt like lovers

    words that break hearts
    that wound friends and others
    words sent to make up or make right
    even though they cannot replace
    those that have already cut deep
    and taken residence

    some dart in and out like fish
    in the aquarium of conversation
    some hang like wind chimes whispering
    of those who talked in these rooms
    before we ever stepped inside
    others fly out open windows

    some change between lip and ear
    we don’t remember what was said
    but carry away what we heard
    what we thought they meant to say
    we are so sure that the words
    collect like pebbles in our shoes

    some are familiar like home
    or the curve of the one who matters most
    words we say again and again
    because there are no better words
    I love you I love you I love you
    and they shine in the dark like stars



    1. Really lovely Milton, I love the images you use: words that haunt/taunt/flaunt, cut deep, take residence, like fish darting, like pebbles in our shoes, and the last line was especially beautiful. Blessings to you, Christine

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