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    This has been a week. Sunday was our last day at the Marshfield church, Tuesday I gave my notice at the restaurant (effective Nov. 11), Wednesday and Thursday we were in Durham looking for a house (and found one to rent, for now), and then last night I left work early because the hay fever that’s been dogging me all week finally got the best of me (I’m feeling better today). Life is moving fast and furiously.

    I did stay at work long enough to help finish the prep work for the dinner service. Chef had a couple of new things to add to my station and a special, which meant I had to do some reconfiguring of what went where so the station could work. The cold top can hold up to eighteen sixth pans; the four drawers up to sixth third pans each (or combinations of six and thirds). I should explain: the pans are named for the space they take up. Two sixth pans, for instance, take up the same space as one third pan. You get the idea. My point is the way things are laid out has to change to accommodate the menu and the night of the week. Friday and Saturday nights require back up pans of the things we use most, and we try to get as many of those in the drawer as possible so the cook doesn’t have to run to the walk-in while things are busy. I spent as much time, I think, trying to figure out what needed to stay in the cold station and what needed to go as I did prepping things and filling pans. As I stepped off the line so Sous could take over for service, I noticed she began rearranging things because she had a different idea of how to make it work.

    While I was cutting and chopping, Ginger was home putting things into boxes that will travel to North Carolina so we can figure out how to set up our “line” there for the new menu that will be our lives in Durham. Many things will go, many things will be left behind or passed on to someone else, and we will have some new ingredients to add once we get there. All this shifting around is much easier to do in the kitchen than it is in real life.



    1. I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile, and you have a great way of looking at life. It is with a sense of reverence, insight, and compassion.

      Thought I would de-lurk and let you know that you are a creative and inspiring blogger, and to thank you for sharing.

      Best of luck with your future…

    2. Wow, what a big moment in your lives. Could you talk about what you mean by stuff will be left behind? Do you guys do a pretty serious “stuff evaluation” when you move and just unload a bunch of it? If so, you are now my heroes. Oh yeah, you already were my heroes. Okay, you’re now my extra special super heroes!

    3. Gordon,

      We are working to travel light, as they say. I’ve been putting most of my CDs on my MacBook, culling my library, and we are taking very little furniture and none of our appliances. If it won’t fit in the Pod, it’s not going south with us.


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