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    I was going to write this morning, but I got to reading the annual Southern music issue of the Oxford American, which comes with an amazing CD. The periodical is a labor of love and excellence, and certainly worth a look. Check out this piece on yodeling by Roy Blount, Jr.; “The People’s Singer,” a chronicle of the life of Lee Hays, a founding member of The Weavers, along with Pete Seeger; and “Mystic Nights,” a memoir of Bob Dylan’s recording of Blonde on Blonde in Nashville. The articles taught me, challenged me, moved me.

    Good people doing great work: that’s always worth noticing.

    Here are The Weavers singing, “Goodnight, Irene” from 1949.



    1. Lee Hays … one of my heroes. Thanks for the heads-up; I’m gonna grab that issue. And the video link was sweet.

      (Speaking of sweet, how can you write about the Weavers without mentioning Ronnie Gilbert?)

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