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    Since I started blogging about eighteen months ago I’ve passed on most of the memes that have come my way (OK, all of the memes) mostly because I use this forum to work on my writing. This week, however, I’ve been tagged several times for the “Eight Random Things” meme and it’s Saturday morning and I’ve got an hour to kill before I pick up a friend at the train station and why not?

    I’m what is known as a Third Culture Kid.
    I grew up as a missionary kid and lived in four different countries in Africa – as well as a couple of years in the US – by the time I was sixteen. From kindergarten to twelfth grade I went to ten different schools in six different cities. I’ve lived in over forty different houses. Finding my way home is no easy task.

    I have an irrational disdain for Celine Dion.
    I don’t want to hear her sing or talk. I don’t want to see her on television. She is the only black mark on what I see as Canada’s otherwise impeccable record. The Mark of the Beast is somewhere on her body, I’m sure of it. She is the reason for most of the problems in our world today. (Remember, I said my disdain was irrational; please don’t try to convince me otherwise.)

    My favorite song is “Angel From Montgomery” by John Prine, songwriter extraordinaire.
    The person I most love to hear sing the song is Bonnie Raitt. My favorite story about the song is I was singing it at a coffee house one night and introduced it by saying I identified with it more than any other song I knew. Then I sang the first line: “I am an old woman named after my mother . . .”

    As long as we’re talking about music, Christina Aguilera is my guilty listening pleasure.
    I know my cool quotient probably crashes here, in alt-country acoustic terms, but I like her music. “What a Girl Wants” is fun to hear. I also like her cover of “A Song for You” on Herbie Hancock’s album of duets.

    I feel called to help raise other people’s kids.
    I have never felt called to have children of my own. Neither has Ginger, which has worked well for us. We have always felt our call was to have an open door for anyone who needed a place – and there have been several over the years. I love working with teenagers. Babies always seem to smile at me. I think it’s because we have the same haircut.

    If I could figure out how to get paid for it, I would go to school for a job.
    I love taking classes and learning. I don’t really care what the class is, I just want to go. Sometimes I think about pulling into a community college and asking what class is about to start and enrolling. I’m not particularly concerned about a degree or even credit; I just want to go to school.

    I’m an incredibly average athlete.
    My brother got the sports genes in my family. He also got the knee injury, unfortunately. In tenth grade, a kid who had a leg injury beat me in the hundred yard dash. I’m arguably the worst basketball player on the planet. Who else can only shoot a two-handed set shot? The one sport I can play well is volleyball.

    I think Guinness may be the best liquid ever invented.
    It is the nectar of heaven, the ultimate substance, the drink of all drinks. Great – now I’m thirsty.

    Those are the first eight things that came to mind. I will leave you to decide whether or not you want to meme.



    1. Milton,

      I, too, cannot stand Celine Dion. Having lived in the great city of Las Vegas, I was forced to listen to her music EVERY TIME I went down to the Strip to walk around. I don’t know what the fascination with her might be, but I would never spend $150 for poor seats to watch her sing, like so many tourists tend to do. I also don’t know what the Bellagio’s interest is, but they seriously need to consider some other artists when they create their next water show.

      And Guinness… oh my! I love it too. And it’s nearly as good when mixed with any other type of beer…

    2. Well my feelings for Celine Dion are completely neutral, but I absolutely loathe the actor Ewan McGregor. Any film with him in it has to have a lot else to recommend it before I’ll watch it. Something about his vacuous blonde face…

      Someone should start a “Five Celebrities I hate” meme.

      And I, too, would love to know how to get paid for learning.

    3. Whenever I see Celine Dion sing the Titantic song and hit her chest, I’m thinkin’ that she’s trying to get her heart re-started. I’m with you there. Just cause someone can hit a note, doesn’t mean they should.

      And Christina Aguilera can sing, bless her heart. Once she outgrows skankdom, she’s gonna be one long lasting talent.

      Thanks for playing. You’re a scholar and a gentleman.

    4. I agree with you about Bonnie Raitt…something about her music puts my heart in my throat. I don’t know why. Thanks. Molly

    5. Could there possibly be a greater contrast than that between Bonnie Raitt and Celine Dion?

      I am completely with you on Bonnie Raitt, “Angel from Montgomery”, and John Prine. And athletics. And especially going to school.

      …Why would someone mix Guinness with another beer?

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