lenten journal: wildflowers


    the wildflower patch is coming
    back for an encore performance
    after last year’s inaugural run

    right now everything is a verdant
    vibrant and bloomless array of
    weeds and flowers, best I can tell

    so I hesitate to pull anything
    up by the roots because I just
    might be pulling up wildflowers

    from the highways of my youth
    I remember fields of bluebonnets
    surely weeds were among them

    is it reason enough to pull up
    what I don’t recognize because
    it’s not something I planted



    1. Thank you for this poem. I have often wondered by what measure we decide that some plants are worthwhile and others, “weeds” are not. I appreciate your writing.

      I found your blog on RevGalBlogPals and have read a few of your entries. Your writing is very moving. Thanks so much for this blog. Blessings!

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