lenten journal: we are loved


    My friend Gordon has been telling the story of his church in San Antonio at his blog at at the High Calling website. Part of the story is about the pastor who preceded him — a friend of many of us – who was amazingly gifted at offering grace to others that he was not able to accept himself. Ultimately, it destroyed him.

    Of course, that’s the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of a much more complex and complicated story. I thought about him today during Communion because Communion was one of the places he most creatively invited those around him to open their hearts to God.

    We continued our Lenten practice, as a congregation, of celebrating Communion in different ways each Sunday. Today we came forward to the Table where the bread and cup were laid out and we served ourselves. The metaphor in our movement that spoke to me was the Meal was only as sustaining as my willingness to take and eat. I had to get up and come to supper. As I walked down the aisle, the tune playing in my head was a song our nephew, Scott, wrote for his older brother, Ben. I don’t know the story behind the song, other than it was a birthday gift. I know it speaks to me.

    Ben’s Song (You Are Loved)

    you’re hanging by a thread
    it’s thinner everyday
    but hold on –
    there’s someone there to catch you

    your plate had been wiped clean
    there’s nothing left to eat
    but hang in there —
    you’ve been invited to a feast

    you are loved
    you are forgiven
    you are safe inside
    the center of redemption

    your crippled body’s weak
    you’re crawling on the ground
    stand up –
    there’s someone here to heal you

    your eyes are old and blind
    you’re groping in the dark
    look around –
    there’s a light that shines in darkness

    you are loved
    you are forgiven
    you’re safe inside
    the center of redemption

    you’re wandering in a field
    got lost along the way
    but sit tight –
    there’s a shepherd who will find you

    you are loved
    you are forgiven
    you’re safe inside
    the center of redemption

    I spent some time tonight with iMovie, since I can’t for the life of me figure out how to upload music to Blogger, and made a (very rough) music video so you could hear the song, as well as read the lyric.

    We are loved.
    We are forgiven.
    We are safe within the center of redemption.


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