lenten journal: trash day


    as I write, Ella,
    our Schnauzer
    is stretched out
    on the bed barking
    at the sound of
    our neighbor rolling
    his big trash cans
    out to the curb
    she cannot see him,
    only hear the rumble
    of the plastic wheels
    and she is convinced
    her sound makes a
    difference even though
    he doesn’t stop
    rolling along and
    no one inside
    of our house has
    made any move
    other than to say,
    “It’s the guy next door”
    and I think about
    my barking at the
    two boys after lunch
    who wouldn’t clear
    the tables because
    the trash wasn’t theirs
    and I wonder if
    Ella and I share
    something in common
    in our futile attempts
    to get someone to
    keep the world from
    filling up with garbage


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