lenten journal: question(s)

    love is the opening door
    love is what we came here for
    no one can offer you more
    do you know what I mean
    have your eyes really seen
    — Lesley Duncan, “Love Song”

    Lesley Duncan’s lyrics came back to find me today (I know the song because of Elton John’s cover on his Tumbleweed Connection record) partly because I went back to that disc since it is Elton’s birthday and mostly because of the way it felt to be a part of the bluegrass service we had today. (I wrote a little about it here.) Several of the songs were ones I sang at my father-in-law Reuben’s funeral because they were songs he loved; singing them today made the grief palpable in a way it had not been for awhile. We closed our service with “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” which, after today’s service, I took to be a rhetorical question.


    why do I feel more at home here
    when I sing this world is not my home?
    why does singing about heaven
    make me want to plant trees?
    why don’t the gospels talk
    about what Jesus liked to sing?
    our lives go on as endless song . . .
    how can I keep from singing?



    1. I don’t know about what Jesus liked to sing, though we of course know he could sing the psalms by heart…sadly in the case of Ps 22. We do know more about his food and drink and his attitudes toward them: Love each other and eat supper together. .. If we all shared, there’d be enough for everyone. .. Wine? Yes!

      There’s lots we don’t know about Jesus; I’m still trying to figure out what we DO know! Hang in your Lenten journey. I’m blogging each day of Lent at http://www.prayinginstpaul.blogspot.com though my network’s just up after days of hijacking.

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