lenten journal: public safety


    On my way from school to kitchen this afternoon, I had the misfortune of being on I-40 when they decided to block it because the Vice President was visiting somewhere nearby. He never came anywhere near the gang of terrorists parked around me. And I was thirty minutes late to work. I am puzzled once more by the logic of safety, and it came out this way this evening.

    Public Safety

    Joseph wasn’t sure if he was dreaming
    when the angel showed up at the end
    of the bed and said, “Don’t be afraid,”
    as if he were stating a timeless truth,
    rather than specific instructions.

    Another Joseph misplaced his fear
    on I-40 this afternoon. Wingless
    and wordless cops blocked all lanes,
    exits, and the bridge above us, so the
    Vice President could speak unscathed.

    When scared comes dressed like safety,
    I picture that night in Nazareth,
    and the angel who offered only a name:
    God-with-us, as if that would be enough.
    The roadblocks to Bethlehem are more recent.



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