lenten journal: learning breakfast


    I had a few moments to check my blog reader before heading to work and found two quotes from two very different people, Beth and Maggi, both quoting others. I read them in this order. First:

    Everybody wants to be a rock star, but no one wants to learn the chords.

    and then:

    Seeing the other person as gift, striving to see God within them, does not make people less irritating. It does help me grow up . . . .

    My first restaurant cooking job was in a restaurant that was open for all three meals. After my first breakfast shift, I asked the chef the best way to learn how to flip eggs in the pan with a flip of the wrist, rather than having to use a spatula. He went to the refrigerator and pulled out a flat of eggs (which is thirty of them) and said, “That flat costs me about three dollars. By the time you go through those eggs, you’ll be able to flip the eggs with ease. Pretty cheap lesson, if you ask me.”

    learning breakfast

    there are several secrets to good eggs
    open secrets, I guess – I can tell you
    the pan needs to be good and hot –
    (non stick helps, too)
    with a swirl of clarified butter
    and then the egg, broken
    (shell, that is) into the pan –
    and the white sticks like paint
    (try again.) (and again.)
    lower the heat so the egg
    doesn’t cook too fast – (try again.)
    and then rock the pan in
    a gentle circle till the egg moves
    and then, well, you flip it.
    (try again.) the yolk splatters like
    a paint ball. (try again.)
    (and again.) (And again.)
    they asked for over easy. (again.)
    these are too runny. (again.)
    the pan is cold. the butter is too hot.
    before you decide to scramble
    everything, try again and again.
    you will learn, if you try. again.

    Not every lesson in life comes as easily or as inexpensively.



    1. Good lesson. Even if I never flip the eggs I can still get them sticking like paint to the pan 🙂 (but now I know what they mean in the movies when they say over easy)

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