lenten journal: encouragaing words


    Durham is the most encouraging place I have ever lived.

    This is a city full of people who pull for each other, which is good because it’s also a city full of people with dreams and things they want to see happen. In our town of about a quarter of a million people we had a Food Truck Rodeo this afternoon and there were twenty-nine trucks from around the area, each one a dream on wheels. One of vehicles in the bunch is not motorized: Bike Coffee.

    That’s right. Coffee – hand ground, fresh poured, awesome coffee – served from a bike. The purveyors, Areli and Leon, are peddling their way to a dream of opening a brick and mortar shop right here in our neighborhood that will be called Cocoa Cinnamon because along with their coffees they have chocolate, spices, and teas.

    More later about tour opportunities for you to come and visit Durham, but first I want to use my space tonight to offer encouragement of my own because I believe in what my neighbors are doing. They have begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money they need to open their shop. It will be in this building. It will be the neighborhood coffee shop we have been hoping for. It will be where you will be able to find Ginger writing sermons most any afternoon once it opens and where I stop on my way to work in the mornings. It will be awesome.

    Here is how Areli and Leon describe what they do:

    So What is Cocoa Cinnamon all about? Here’s how we think of it: Craft. Create. Engage. Impact.

    CRAFT – excellence in preparation of coffee, espresso, chocolate and tea.

    CREATE – a creative nexus of people, places, and ideas; this includes making all sorts of people smile!

    ENGAGE – a place for all people to be with family, friends, together or alone in diversity, health and relaxation.

    IMPACT – a dynamic community space that strives towards and embodies sustainability, peace, democracy and human flourishing.

    They have a great video on their Kickstarter page explaining more about what they want to do. What I hope you will do, if you can, is help them out.

    And then come to Durham and I’ll take you to coffee.


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