lenten journal: de-cynicing myself


    I began this morning with this thought from Donald Miller:

    Leaders aren’t cynical.

    I found this song running through my head this afternoon, from Jackson Browne:

    Doctor, my eyes cannot see the skies –
    is this the price for having learned how not to cry

    And it’s been a long day. I’m going to sing myself to sleep with these words, from Pierce Pettis:

    Half of the battle is only with myself
    While the other half is something I can’t help

    Lest I should stumble I try not to forget
    That every hair is numbered, every footstep, every breath
    And this life that I’m living it will not end in death
    I’ve got a hope that is not in this world
    I’ve got a hope that is not in this world

    I know my words tonight are both borrowed and brief, but I will let Carolyn Arends sing me to sleep with Pierce’s words.


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