lenten journal: an open letter to an old friend


    for David Gentiles

    it’s not the anniversary
    of anything other
    than the second March
    without you here
    still you showed up
    unexpectedly at a meeting
    I had with some people
    to talk about a dream

    and then again tonight
    in Nathan’s new book
    though I had a hunch
    you might be in there
    but you snuck up on me
    when I sat down to write
    with the innocence mission
    as background singers —

    one friend writes,
    everything is changing
    while the day sky stays blue
    changing around him
    and me without you
    waiting for you to arrive
    where does the time go
    where does the time go

    — and then I remembered . . .
    it’s opening day
    your Indians are in first
    for at least a few days
    at least that’s what I said
    to the picture on the desk
    both of us smiling at Christy’s
    wedding like old friends


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