lenten journal: admission


    On February 5, 1989, I took Ginger to see Lyle Lovett at the Caravan of Dreams in downtown Fort Worth. The club was small and we sat on the front row. Tonight, I took Ginger to see Lyle Lovett for the twenty-third time in our twenty-three years together – and we sat on the front row. Lyle shared the stage for an acoustic evening of song swapping with John Hiatt. I have much to say about it, but not all tonight. This evening, I offer this poem.


    one of the things that has always made her smile
    is my collection of ticket stubs stashed away
    in random places around the house, remnants
    of evenings spent listening and singing along.

    they are torn paper portals of time travel
    back to the night I was in the room when . . .
    tokens of thanksgiving for the chance
    to have been there when it happened –

    the importance of a piece of paper
    to remind me I am capable of tearing
    open my heart and clearing my ears
    to remember life is a live performance


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