jazz like blue


    Somewhere in the middle of my morning, Ginger sent me this text:

    sitting outside the doc listening to old school jazz watching the rain fall on the maroon and amber leaves and wishing we were together

    I couldn’t help but hear the poem already at work, so I set out to find it. Here’s what I found.

    jazz like blue

    the strains of
    the music started
    in a windowless studio
    where they kept time
    like promises
    turning old school
    improv into melody
    that seeps now
    like strong medicine
    into the waiting room
    jazz like blue
    rain keeping the beat
    and wondering off
    to tap the leaves
    maroon and amber
    until they let loose
    and fall into the song
    the same song
    I know your heart
    hears looking out
    some other window
    keeping time for me



    1. Beautiful, soulful and real. Your words make music for us, and we are all most grateful. Thank you for sharing your poetic insights, Milton. Ginger is one blessed woman to have you for a husband! Peace and all good to both of you.

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