good for us


    I woke up thinking about the Kenyan election that was held some time back. Was thought to be one Africa’s most stable democracies was ripped apart when the results did not go the way the party in power hoped they would. I woke up thinking about it because I had spent the evening watching power change hands and seeing both candidates graciously take their places in the transition.

    Yes, the final weeks of the campaign looked, as one commentator described it, like “a knife fight in a phone booth,” but no one was killed, no one was violently intimidated, and we elected a new president. There are a number of things I wish were different about the way we behave and operate politically as Americans, but today I woke up thankful for what we accomplished last night.



    1. Milton, I for one had real fear about the transition of power, and a paranoid fear that the party inpower wouldn’t give it up– at any cost.

      I am ashamed of that fear now. I was humbled by John McCain’s gracious speech… and the words of Condi Rice, and Juan Williams on Fox news. We are a good people, and everyone wants to see a new day, I think.

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