food for friends


    First thing: the soup came out great!

    Second thing: in my continuing journey through blogdom, I decided to set up another blog with just the recipes, rather than trying to make them fit into the narratives. You will find them at don’t eat alone: the recipes (creative, huh?).

    There’s no such thing a good soup recipe for one because soup tastes better when it’s shared. Any food does, for that matter.

    I have a big container of pumpkin apple soup (Check the link; I tweaked it a bit) just waiting for someone besides me to enjoy it. And I know exactly who needs it today. There’s a couple in our church who have been lifelong members and who have both been sick over the holidays. They, like many of us, don’t receive help easily, yet, somehow, they will receive it from me. It’s like that scene in The Breakfast Club where Molly Ringwald’s character is putting make up on Ally Sheedy’s character.

    “Why are you doing this,” Ally Sheedy asks.

    “Because you’re letting me,” answers Molly Ringwald.

    The husband loves the lemon bars I make, so I just took a batch out of the oven to go along with the soup. When they cool, I will be off to make my delivery. That’s what friends do.

    Food heals when it comes from the hands of a friend.


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