fall music sampler: rainy day edition


    As the remnants of Ida make their way through our neighborhood, I thought tonight might be a good one to think about rain songs. I’ll start with a great clip of Usher dancing along side of Gene Kelley and “Singing in the Rain.”

    I’ll follow with a clip of a very young Nanci Griffith singing something those of us who are not so far removed from our drought days might still be willing to sing: “I Wish It Would Rain.”

    And speaking of youngsters, here is Stephen Bishop in an American Bandstand clip singing “Save It for a Rainy Day.”

    One title can lead to two good songs; here’s the Jayhawks (also from long ago) singing their song of the same name:

    James Taylor covered the song “Rainy Day Man” with great success; here’s Bonnie Raitt singing it back to him at a tribute show.

    I’ll let her song be the segue to James Taylor and Elvis Costello covering the Everly Brothers’ “Crying in the Rain.”

    She’s got a song that fits the category, so I can’t pass up the chance to share Patty Griffin’s “Rain.”

    And I’ll close with another cover: the Boss singing John Fogerty’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain.”

    Stay warm and dry, my friends.



    1. What about Counting Crows “Rain King?” It always seemed to rain at least one day at youth camp every year and I remember spinning around in the rain and falling into the mud while this song was playing…

      Always love your posts Milton. And like your new blog look. I rarely actually visit the blog since I get your posts via e-mail. Pretty cool.


    2. “That Gulf Coast water tastes sweet as wine
      When your heart’s rolling home in the wind.”
      Man, I played and played (and sang and sang) that song when we lived in California in the eighties, and didn’t know when our hearts would get to roll home. Little Love Affairs–still a great album. Thanks for the memory.

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