days like these


    there are days when it’s hard to put one word
    in front of the other and push a page past blank.
    there are nights when what looks like tired is
    more. there are afternoons spent preparing for
    evening meals for people I never see and I have
    energy to cook the steak to order and reduce
    the sauce to a perfect consistency, hanging on
    to the meat even as it pools on the plate. I want
    that stuff to follow me home, but it trails off
    like air out of a balloon and, by the time I bring
    what’s left of my day to her and she asks how
    I am, all I can say is, “OK” unconvincingly. Being
    with her is the best part of my day, yet I know it
    costs her deeply to be here with me. still, she stays.
    that’s true everyday, thank God.



    1. Milton –
      “The root of Christian love is not the will to love but the faith that one is loved, the faith that one is loved by God. The faith that one is loved by God although unworthy – or, rather, irrespective of one’s worth. In the true Christian version of God’s love, the idea of worthiness loses its significance.” (Merton)
      Keep the faith.

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