breaking the code


The blog is taking on a new look because it was the only way I could figure out to deal with the disappearance of the sidebar on the other template. As much as I like blogging, that sentence is so boring it makes my teeth hurt. I know way more about HTML code than I want to — not that I know a lot; it’s just more than I want to.

Anyway, I think the new look is going to work. I appreciate your feedback.

I will be back tomorrow with something more interesting than cyber mechanics.



  1. Oh, I so wasn’t ready for this…it was quite jarring to open this page and see all this black! It was shocking!

    Looks good, though. I’m curious – did you have to save everything somewhere in order to make it work without losing content? I’ve been thinking of making some changes myself; kind of like rearranging furniture. Every once in a while, it’s just time…

  2. Blogger actually has a pretty good help page on this stuff. I copied and pasted the whole template into a Word document and then chose the new look. Once that was done, I went back and pasted the content parts I wanted to retain from the old template. It was pretty easy.


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