advent journal: the connection was broken


    My friend David died a year ago today. I wished I could have talked to him about the repeal of DADT and the failure of the DREAM Act and his daughter’s graduation and what he was doing for Christmas and what music he had been listening to and what the plans were for camp next summer. But I couldn’t. I did, however, spend a good bit of time talking to the Frontier Communications computer voice and a few of her human minions.

    the connection was broken

    this morning so I called
    and talked to a computer
    who had been made to
    sound helpful and buy time
    I had not planned to sell

    it’s been a year since
    we talked to each other
    I even dialed your number
    today to leave a message
    it, too, has been disconnected

    after an hour I was back
    online and exhausted from
    how long it took to find
    someone who could help
    and you are still gone

    even though I stared at
    our picture on my desk —
    we were both smiling
    at Christy’s wedding
    I can still remember



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