advent journal: love songs


    Joseph had lines in our pageant today. He said:

    The road to Bethlehem stretches out behind us. It has been a journey of love: love behind us, love before us, love above us, love under our feet, love around us, love inside us. Only a short distance is left; the stable where we will rest is just up the path. Love will carry us the rest of the way.

    His words reminded me of Dave Matthews’ “Christmas Song,” which is going to be a part of our Christmas Eve service. Here he is with Tim Reynolds.

    Watch it a couple of times and you’ll be singing, “love, love, love,” all day long.

    I found a Mary Chapin Carpenter song I didn’t know called “Bells Are Ringing” adds a note of justice to the joy:

    Bells are ringing, all over the world.
    Bells are ringing, calling the light
    Bells are ringing, all over the world, all over the world tonight.

    Wherever you’re walking tonight, whoever you’re waiting for
    Somehow, by the stable’s faint light,
    Peace in your heart is restored.

    For a great take on an old favorite, here’s James Taylor singing “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”

    John McCutcheon’s “Christmas in the Trenches,” is a song I first heard many years ago and found it to be hauntingly hopeful. He tells a great story leading into the song.

    To send you on your way with a smile (after the tears), here’s a video clip forwarded to me by a friend. The group is Straight No Chaser from Indiana University.

    Everybody sing along.



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