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    1. Milton,
      If you’ve read down far enough on my blog you’re aware of my son’s disabilities, one of which is a developmental delay, all of which relates to his having cerebral palsy. For a while there he was a serious Sponge Bob junkie. In fact, his 10th. birthday party revolved around the Sponge Bob theme. He’s now (almost) 15, and still watches Sponge Bob on occasion. Anyway, the party was held in Burrito Brothers, our favorite Mexican restaurant. All his gifts were Sponge Bob stuff, and we decorated our little corner with Sponge Bob stuff. The owner joined us for dessert, a Sponge Bob themed cake. When I read to him at night, I often rest my head on a Sponge Bob shaped pillow, a gift he received at the same party. To this day, I have yet to figure out the appeal! I really don’t get it, and I’m a Sponge Bob fan myself!

    2. Presby Gal, by golly, you might just be right! Spending your days making crabby paddies and going jelly fishing. What an idyllic life!
      Blessings on you-Tom

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