sometimes late at night


I find myself wishing
there were no passive voice
(an odd wish, I know)

but I don’t care much
for a world where
things were said

mistakes were made
damage was done
lives were lost

as though the mistakes
made themselves
or the violence

happens without
death without killers

too many years
teaching English
to sleep well



  1. Diana said about you: “He’s a former pastor married to a pastor, and he’s a chef and a teacher.” And I said: “What does he teach? He must teach English.” She didn’t answer, but I pretty much knew b/c the the writing of those who teach it differs, even, from the writing of those who study it. I read a lot of Christian wisdom in the blogosphere, also a lot of poetry. But it’s refreshing to read someone’s words and think: here’s a craftsman. It’s a rare gift, and probably it’s not a gift at all but the product of study. I don’t think most people know it when they read it, but I do and thought I’d say so.

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