prine time


prine time

the first time I saw John Prine
we were both much younger
he sang fish and whistle—you
forgive us and we’ll forgive
you—and then the one about
the angel that I learned too

the last time I saw him was
the night before his cancer
had returned and he sang
for almost three hours, as
though his life—and ours—
were riding on the melodies

I thought I had seen him for
the last time—I think he did
too—my friend Terry and I
drove home talking about
dreams rolling by, the speed
of the sound of loneliness

today I found just one thing
that I can hold on to: he is
playing not so far away
come September—one more
chance to sing along again as
though time can never fade

or perhaps it’s because I know
it’s like he says, memories
that can’t be boughten—I’ll
go to the show and then
we’ll say goodbye and go back
home when the day is done



  1. That’s the way the world goes round, you’re up one day, the next you’re down. It’s a happy enchilada and you think you’re gonna drown – that’s the way the world goes round.

  2. Our mutual friend Tim Willis introduced me to his stage manager a couple of years ago. Saw him perform at SMU and went backstage for pictures and conversation. One of the lifetime memories I treasure.

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