lenten journal: you have nothing to say


you have nothing to say

forget what the flowers
told you or the smile
from the little one
in front of you
at the coffee shop

how can you give voice
to the joy of a schnauzer
or speak to the grief
that rises with the sun
day after day

anything you say will
only reinforce
your insignificance
no one is waiting
to hear from you

stay silent say nothing
you are depressed
you are depressing
that’s old news
no one wants to hear

no–you are not broken
you’re broken-hearted
speak through the pain
write into the night
sing songs you know by heart

and listen shut up and listen
not to the noise and nonsense
listen to friends and trees
who never believed that
you have nothing to say




  1. I am recovering from knee replacement surgery and this really hits home for me. Thank you for your beautiful gift, Milton.

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