lenten journal: word search


Between a recuperating pup who has left us a bit sleep deprived, a work load that has been unrelenting, and the ongoing wear and tear of the pandemic, I found myself looking for words to say tired.

word search

I’ve been told the Inuit
have fifty-something
words for snow
its actually more like ten
the words help mark the
difference between

snow falling
snow on the ground
crystalline snow on the ground
snow used to make water
ice in general
freshwater ice, for drinking
slushy ice by the sea

this season of unending
isolation and frustration
has me looking for ways
to say how tired we are
turns out we have our own
blizzard of vocabulary

exhausted fatigued
spent drained beat
distressed worn out
pooped enervated
done in dog tired
run down wrung out
drained done for

I heard a woman say
“I’m so tired that I feel
like I’ve been hit in the
back with a dead cat”
none of the sentence
made sense except
I know how she feels


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