lenten journal: snapshot


I’ve carried a picture of the sunrise IMG_4321
in the pocket of my mind all day long —
the memory of this March morning:
the promising chill and the sunlight
that snuck up like a stage whisper,
reminding me of . . . autumn.
I know, I know — spring is not
yet fully alive or arrived, but
take a look for yourself. See the
long, luminous reaches of light —
don’t they remind you of the
golden October glows across our
old brick buildings downtown;
the world waking up or going
to sleep looks much the same —
good to know if you are facing
east or west, whether to get ready
for bed or a brand new day.



  1. Sunrise here is over tall pines and roofs. So, a bit later than yours. The sun shines a beacon through the dining room window….where I sit. You are reminding me to write every day. Thank you.

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