lenten journal: respite


I had a day of rest today, thus, today’s word.


it’s the streetside café
that pulls you out
of the crush of people
filling the sidewalk;

it’s the bench in the park
where you can sit
unnoticed with the
disquieting revelation

that the world can
go on without you,
yet expects you will
be back before long;

it’s the first inch of
day lilies pushing to
the light, after taking
the winter off.



  1. Beautiful thoughts
    Thanks for sharing. We get so busy that we forget that rest and respite is an important element of living fully.

  2. This came at the end of a string of overcommitted days and a car breakdown. I took the day off today to let it sink in that the world will continue on without me being there every second. I’m a retired 73 year old and should have better sense. Thank you

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