lenten journal: mosaic


the words are falling
out in twos and threes tonight . . .
a trickle of thought and
thankfulness trying to
keep a promise:
I said I would meet you here,
and bring a word:

mosaic: diverse pieces forming a
more or less coherent whole.

Start with the shiny
shards of my day:
the old woodworker
with an evergreen spirit,
the young teacher
with a student’s soul;
dinner with old friends
who fed us with
the hope of our history—
then I baked cookies.

life is not that sequential—
a collection, instead,
of the details, the tiny
bits of nevermind
that become something
of value all together,
even when the glaze
machine is broken
at Krispy Kreme.



  1. I like the “more or less” in your definition. My life isn’t always completely coherent, but more or less is usually doable.

    My sympathies on the glaze machine situation!

  2. I find life less sequential….and more surprising, as I age. Sometimes that aspect of it makes the aging process overwhelming. So much to handle…so much to store in your head, which seems to be getting smaller.

  3. We also enjoyed dinner and appreciated the conversation more! While we didn’t get the KK doughnuts, even the Ben and Jerrys ice cream did not surpass your mini pies and cookies! Love you!

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