landing gear


landing gearI realize I have been silent here for a couple of weeks. For a number of reasons, I have found it hard to get here. I could not let National Poetry Month pass without one more poem, however. I have been moved by this image and the story of the discovery of the landing gear from one of the planes that was crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, which set me to thinking about the ways in which grief catches us off guard — and how deeply I miss Reuben and David, in particular.

landing gear

it’s been a long time
grief old enough to be
in middle school . . .
then one turn down
a trash-filled alley and
the feelings are fresh

the days give distance
but the pain doesn’t age
a fragment of memory
somehow tucked away
a shard of a song and
my heart breaks open

yes, life layers over losses
but you’re not lost —
you’re gone your’e gone
every time I want to talk
to tell you something
you’re still not here

so I will keep turning
down alleyways tearing
open old memories to
remember you were
here with me with me
that I’ll never forget



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