get rhythm


get rhythm

I live with an arrhythmia
I know of what I speak
it’s awfully hard to dance
when you cannot find the beat
somewhere along the way
as I traveled through my week
the metaphor extended
‘cause we still can’t find the beat
to life beyond these past two years
of isolation and defeat
as we try to find each other
seems we cannot find the beat
one that’s steady and consistent
instead of faint and incomplete
it’s awfully hard to dance
when we cannot find the beat
life is a hard waltz anyway
without our COVID hide and seek
the din of woe and weariness
has taught us to retreat
but fear claps on the one and three
don’t fall for its deceit
our souls all know a deeper song
our hearts still know the beat
so don’t despair do not give up
hope is not obsolete
tap your feet and clap your hands
keep listening for the beat


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