easter message


only steps away from the empty
tomb and already we’re walking back
to the cemetery alongside
a friend who must bury his father

most of our footsteps it seems are aimed
toward the grave rather than away
from it — lazarus could tell you that
we are like sheep headed for slaughter

we sat last night around the table
living out love as best we knew how
sharing cornbread chili chocolate
chip cookies on a cold april night

now is not the time for pat answers
that time never comes no never comes
no matter what life’s going to hurt
empty tombs are going to fill up

and we will keep living hand to mouth
heart to heart holding on for dear life
and trusting that the last word belongs
to love and light — even in the dark




  1. hand to mouth, heart to heart, holding on for dear life… and trusting…. yes.
    Thanks Milton… I’m sharing this with the folks I work with at hospice and on our Hospice of Lansing fb page. I appreciate this so much. Peace to you as well, dear brother.

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