advent journal: weather report


weather report

when I was in high school
dad told me to be a weatherman
“you can be wrong everyday
and you never get fired”
I walked to coffee this
morning in cold sunshine
said the sky looked like
snow this afternoon
and sent the schnauzers
out in the rain tonight
who could see that coming

the weather of the heart
is no less unpredictable
despite the patterns
I recognize or the storms
that set the standard for
how bad a storm can be
once it breaks it doesn’t
matter who was right only
that we made it through
which is what weather means
when we use is as a verb

the ancient Greek word
for weather was the word for
time perhaps they thought
less about storms and more
about memories and markers
the Blizzard of ’78 the summer
my father died the hurricanes
with names like backup singers
that move that job that heartbreak
we were wrong most everyday
and have weathered it so far


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