advent journal: time piece


time piece

The Long Island Sound faces south
so even though I’m on the East Coast
I can see sunrise and sunset over the water
today they were only nine hours apart
that’s all the daylight we got
come back six months from now
and that stretches to fifteen hours
the days in between rocking back
and forth like a cosmic carnival ride

in the middle of it all we fool ourselves
into thinking we can tell time or mark
time or make time or spend time
while nights come and days go
without regard for chronographs
standard time or smart phones
we would do better to set our hearts
to the rhythm of the syncopated sun
the incremental changes in coming

and going that show life doesn’t live
by a metronome but a heartbeat
some days take longer to complete
and some nights stretch out in comfort
there is more to life than being on time
we are not trains we are travelers
sojourners walking toward the sunset
and then resting for the night
however long that might last



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