advent journal: missing a meal


missing a meal

we have several mangers on our mantle
nativities from around the world
as though everyone showed up at once
the Magi made the effort to bring
incense and offerings; the shepherds
came crashing in with stories of angels,
but no one brought anything to eat

(and that’s what manger means in French)

on his way out, Jesus gathered his friends
for a meal so they could remember:
every time you eat, he said, you put us
back together—but for all the angels
and alleluias, all the stars and promises,
how can it be that no one in the stable
thought Mary and Joseph might be hungry?



  1. A friend from New Mexico sent me a Native American nativity set in which the Three Wise Men figures are women. One of the gifts they’re bearing is maize. Wise Women always bring snacks!

  2. I love that the Native American nativity set featured maize — and I feel bad because it never occurred to me that no one brought food to the manger. I think I’ll have to put some food in my nativity set. When you think about it, the whole group must have been hungry.

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