advent journal: marshmallow farm


A little whimsy for a December evening . . .

marshmallow farm

here’s the thing
many of us live near
marshmallow farms
without knowing

they are rarities
events rather than
ongoing projects
farms of fancy

marshmallows mature
stealthily hidden in
fields of hay and
are flash harvested

to find them whole
before they are cut
into jet-puffed pieces
is a gift of imagination

graham crackers
as big as barn doors
milk chocolate bars
hauled on hay wagons

wooden carts that
held marshmallows
were set on fire to
to melt and char

then folks assembled
the s’more on a flatbed
cracker chocolate
marshmallow cracker

on the town green
where people came
to melt together in
fun and friendship

that hasn’t happened
for a good while
but I still stop when
I see a farm appear

in hopes I will not
be the only one
who has dreams
that still smolder



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