a new old poem


I spent the day in the yard installing the arbor and planting the climbing roses I got Ginger for her birthday. As I sat in the back yard, resting before finishing dinner, I thought of a poem I wrote as we settled into the house on Trinity, preparing for Ginger’s parents to move in with us. I found this revision.

these are

the dig in the dirt
go to bed tired
pull up the weeds
plant the climbing roses days

the creak in the knees
crust in the knuckles
come back in five years
to see how it all worked out days

the plot the resurrection
slam the door open
say thanks for the help
give thanks for the pups days

the wonder what’s next
dream a new dream
learn to live with the grief
walk this road together  days

the all that I hoped for
never saw it coming
sink roots yet again
keep our promises to each other days

the I’m with you
I’m with you
I’m with you days



  1. You have a long loud history of slamming doors open, disturbing the please. Where did it come from? The living Christ kicked you out into the world as it is.

  2. Are you ok, Milton? I come to your blog from time and find something meaningful, yet each time lately it has been the same post. Are you ok? Helen

    • I’m fine, Helen. Thanks for asking. I’ve been working with all of the change in my life over the last year and found I needed to be quiet for a while. I will be back soon. Thanks.

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