love wins


This has been an important week in North Carolina, and our church has been at the center of things here in Durham. Here is a story that ran on our local NPR station, WUNC.





  1. Congratulations to you all ! What a joyous occasion to celebrate a long fought battle — and 23 years of patience and love. Thinking of you always, Mary

  2. God bless all of you — Nancy Ruth and Wynolia, the state of North Carolina, the United Church of Christ, Ginger and Milton, the members of your church! You give hope to us here in Kansas.

  3. What joy! I remember this day last year here in NM when our associate pastor (UCC, of course!) went to City Hall to marry couples who were getting their licenses. I also remember another day in Boston over a decade ago when the first couples were getting married. Your strength and determination are an inspiration to us all, Ginger & Milton, to press for social change and love.

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