these are my favorite days
when the summer’s shellackingleaf
is painted over by fall’s crisp palette
of expectancy and comfort

I want to match the colors
with aromas savory and sweet —
layers of flavor and hope that
sustain as the nights grow longer

and winter hangs on the horizon
barren branches and grey mornings
the chill that goes bone-deep
as the world curls up and falls asleep

on my best wide awake days I see
the trees — each one a burning bush
their leaves flaring up and letting go
letting go and falling to earth

I turn on the lights in the kitchen
and stir the same reds and oranges
in the pan relishing the sound of the
squash and peppers — suppertime

yes, these are my favorite days
when we eat supper in the early dark
and remember we too are falling
falling — and love will catch us



  1. Just checking in. Sweet to be so in touch with those moments as they arrive and pass by…
    I often think it’s the everyday (mundane? no.) minutes that are the most precious. The warm shower, the dog and her pet running by my house, a clean stove–or maybe a dirty one–, someone’s eyes lifted in humor, going to the movies, tomatoes on the back porch left by a neighbor…..

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