waffle night


For Valentine’s Day, Ginger gave me a waffle iron. Actually, she gave me a replacement waffle iron. She gave me one several years ago that I wore out making waffles when I worked at the restaurant at Duke and I wanted to put chicken and waffles on the menu. One of our friends suggested we might have a WafflIMG_3879e Night for one of our Thursday Night Dinners, and so that’s what we did. I spent the better part of a week chasing down recipes and adapting them for our purposes and have posted them all at my recipe blog. I decided I would post the menu here to make them a bit easier to find. I realize this is not a typical post for this blog, but then Waffle Night — or should I say our first Waffle Night — was not a typical evening.

Here’s the menu:

pig in a blanket waffles
falafel waffles with avocado hummus and tzatziki

fried chicken and maple cornbread waffles
cackalacky pulled pork with pimento cheese on sweet potato waffles

red velvet waffle white chocolate ice cream sandwiches with blackberry-balsamic syrup
maple bourbon bacon waffle bread pudding
chocolate chip cookies waffles

And a good time was had by all.



  1. Knowing that necessity is the mother of invention, once upon a time both of our ovens went out at once. Not being someone who runs directly out to Texas Appliance to replace such, invention was necessary. NEEDED just real cornbread for some veggies, soup or something. The a ha thought gave us nice crispy cornbread waffle that we have done on other occasions just because we like it. We also took a dark chocolate cake mix (don’t faint, we always use milk instead of water with such) used milk for the batter, and then used the waffle iron. With a non-skimpy dusting of powdered sugar, we had waffle cookies which also became a part of our lives. Not as fancy as your stuff, but teenagers got a kick out of the waffle cookies. Thanks for the recipes. The avocado hummus sounds good. Would change up the flavor rather nicely.

    Love to both of you, Rach, and the pups. I would have been with Rach about getting out of the prayer maze. She got further than I have. Claustrophobia, even with an open maze, inhibits comfort and calm. Make sure she knows I have yet to tackle one.

  2. Sounds delicious and like a lot of fun! Did you make them in advance or gather a lot of waffle irons and cook the waffles while people were visiting?

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