lenten journal: remnant


there are nights we sit down
to dinner because we need to eat.
then there are nights — like this —
where we sit down together because
we need each other long before we
even take a bite, feeling as crushed as
garlic, hoping to find a taste of the
patience that built the sauce, the grace
that gets passed between us as we
pass platters and promises.

I’ll live on leftovers the rest of the week.




  1. Shari,

    Though I use the quote as a blog header, I have my share of meals to myself. Not every meal feels like Thursday Night Dinner does. As far as your question, we have made a point of asking people to come to the table; often people invite themselves, which I love. I hope that doesn’t sound trite. All of us can use the company; most of us are waiting for an invitation.


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