lenten journal: pi(e) day


one afternoon long ago I stumbled
upon Albert Einstein sitting on a stairalbert-einstein-memorial
a map of the constellations at his feet
what I remember is the playful look
in his eye — as though the universe
was intended as a source of joy

today is his birthday — and Pi Day
which he would actually understand;
me — I chose, instead, to bake pies
and fill up our table with friends
who would share an evening of pies
as though it was our best offering

you don’t have to be a rocket scientist
to understand how the world is changed
when friends eat and drink and talk
as though their lives depended on it:
the world is held together by dinner tables —
nothing matters more than together




  1. Beautiful and true…”the universe was intended as a source for joy” and “the world is held together by dinner tables”. Oh, yes! We are blessed to eat and talk and love around those tables together. Thank you for describing the very best life I know.

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