lenten journal: incidental contact


incidental contact

we saw a beautiful purple house
a woman and a man arranging plants
she spoke with a smile in her words
“I had all these plants in my house
it was like a jungle” she said as we
passed by never to see her again

after my third trip shuttling the
members of our group from the
Crystal Beer Parlor to our hotel
on a rainy Sunday one of them said
“You really know your way around”
all I knew was how to get back

the drive to the airport gave me
a sense of all the city we didn’t see
how many doors we left unknocked
all the stories we didn’t get to hear
places we didn’t eat and where we
did most of the menu was missed

the scrapbook of snapshots I carry
home in my mind is even incomplete
I can’t remember all that went unseen
but I went as a guest not an expert
for a week Savannah was my world
and they hardly knew I was there



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