advent journal: snow


Down all my decembers I haveBethlehem in the Snow

sung about bleak midwinters

this is the first I remember

snow falling in Bethlehem —

even as I sit in the sunshine

of a  sixty degree afternoon.


The weather of my heart

has seen mostly grey days of late;

in the fatiguing fog of grief

I find comfort in that couple

on the Palestinian road,

whether slouching or singing


their way into town — and now

comes word that they’ve run into

snow just outside of the city.

Should we drive out and find them,

or do we just go on knowing they

somehow always seem make it . . .


I am not carrying my own weight

these days, you see. But then, no

one gets through the storm alone.

No one. Grab your boots; we

cannot wait. O come, let us go

into the cold and bring them in.





  1. Sometimes, when we feel like we’re just slogging along, we’re actually leaving tracks and making a way for others to follow…

    This has been a beautiful Advent series. Thank you, Milton!

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