advent journal: gift swap


I offer a poem of my own this evening.

gift swap

the Christmas party tradition
for the confirmation classes
is to sit in a circle and take turns
choosing a gift, or taking one
someone else has already opened
and replacing it with another mystery.

the giant jar of M&Ms changed hands
four or five times, as did the fluffy
socks; someone even wanted my thermos.
I came home with a cup of kisses
and a heart full of laughter—
there was enough to go around.

the truth is I need what you have
and I am counting on you to share
I’ll do the same—let’s unwrap our hearts
like we’re kids on Christmas morning . . .
it’s just what I always wanted
just what I always wanted.



  1. HA! Do you remember we used to do this? I’ll never forget, Mom wrapped up dog food after our dog left. And somebody wanted that!!!
    This lifted me up.
    Thank you,

    • I do remember, Sloane. Then there was the year your dad wrapped up Wing Ding and gave it to my father because he knew he hated cats. I love you and miss you. Merry Christmas.


  2. I’m new here, just made aware of the blog by my friend, Susan, so I’m playing catch up, reviewing the December posts. “…unwrap our hearts like we were kids on Christmas morning..” That has to be one of the most moving phrases I’ve ever read. What a beautiful image.

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